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How Can Dr. Larkin Help Your Acquisition?
Dr. Tom Larkin
CEO, Pathway Study Club
Top 5% Profitable Practice Owner
Professor at Creighton and University of Kentucky
30 Years Experience in
Buying, Selling and Starting Practices
No commission. No brokers. No bias.
"Dr. Larkin is the unbiased, trusted expert to doctors across the country."
His experiences give him unrivaled perspective:
- Professor at multiple dental universities
- Author of 3 books in dentistry, he's impacted doctors around the world
- Held the distinguished "Top 5% of Profitable Practice Owners" designation
- His background includes practices that he purchased, started and sold, giving him an unparralled view on each aspect of practice ownership
- Officially recognized as a leader in successful dental organizations
Free Audio Course on Acquisitions vs. Startups
What is Pathway?
Pathway Study Club is the #1 online community where you'll get training and guidance to buy the dental practice you deserve. 
You'll connect with like-minded colleagues. 
You'll share tips and ideas that work nationwide to buy the best practices. 
You'll find proven advice with zero biased opinions here. 
This is a community to support you and guide you. 

Unfortunately, the world of dental acquisitions favors sellers and vendors. 
In Pathway, the buyers have the upper hand. 
Here, Dentists like you get the best guidance and access to an elite group of like-minded colleagues. 

This is the Pathway to the practice you deserve.
The Pathway to practice ownership...
When you join Pathway, you'll get access to the online Private Pathway Facebook Group where you'll connect with other like-minded dentists, Dr. Larkin and other experts.
And...'ll instantly get these 3 Video Training Sections to help you analyze and buy your practice:
Section 1: Search
Learn "where" to search for a practice
How are the best practices available to be found? 
Can brokers help or should they be avoided? 
What sources are reputable?  
Which vendor-advice should be ignored in the process?  
Are By-Owner listings safe?
Section 2: Analysis
Investigate the numbers that matter
What metrics have the most impact?  
Which numbers should you ignore? 
When can you "buy the cashflow"?
How can you find hidden potential? 
Why do some of the valuations hold so much fluff?  
What should you stay focused on? 
Section 3: Connect
Get connections like a seasoned expert
Connect with like-minded colleagues.
Get insight directly from Dr. Tom Larkin!
Share tips and ideas with doctors, nationwide.
Which lenders are best? 
How do you avoid typical "conflicts of interest"?
Which experts can help with legal, accounting, etc?
Ready to join Pathway?
We're 100% confident you'll love the Pathway Study Club, the knowledge and the community. 

For that reason, we're offering a 30 day money-back guarantee - no questions asked. 
Get the 3-Section Pathway Video Training Course
Membership access to the Private Facebook Group 
Monthly Webinar w/ Dr. Larkin
Access Valuation Case Studies
Two (2) Practice Analyses done for you by Dr. Larkin
One (1) 30 Minute Private Strategy Session w/ Dr. Larkin
Personal email Introductions to lenders, attorneys and cpa's approved by Pathway
(best value)
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